Frozenstar VPN

Frozenstar VPN

Frozenstar VPN is based on OpenVPN. it’s fast, secure ,it has support for authentication SHA512, encrypts data channel packets with cipher algorithm AES-256-GCM, it has an additional layer of HMAC authentication on top of the TLS control channel to mitigate DoS attacks .

The secure socket protocol is restricted to Tlsv1.2 ciphers and certificates have a key size of 4096 bits .


All of these are DHE or ECDHE enabled ciphersuites which means key exchange is done with Diffie-Hellman enabled, providing forward secrecy. ECDHE is preferred, because it is faster by the use of elliptic curve cryptography rather than the much slower plain Diffie-Hellman.

You can mail me and request an account (gpg encrypted only) and i will send you all needed configurations, instructions and SSL certificates necessary to connect with your vpn client application. You can download my Gnupg key from here: 0x81D613172B64106C

Key fingerprint = 689C 7073 C1A9 57EF 857C  3341 81D6 1317 2B64 106C


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